HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY MIND…Healthy living leads to healthy relationships…

I am going to take a minute and spill the beans about myself. Are you ready? Here it goes. I AM A GREAT TEACHER BUT A VERY BAD STUDENT.  I will answer why this is at a later time because I would bet that many of you are the same way. I have learned that I can help many people but I often forget or refuse to help myself. This was until November of 2016.

I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic in June 2014 and it rocked my world. I quickly made changes and got real fired up to eat the right things and exercise, I was going to beat this. Well as history has proven time and time again I slowly slipped back into my old habits. I was no longer eating right and i was always going to workout tomorrow. The next two years proved to be growing time for me. I grew so much that I was a cheeseburger shy of 400 pounds. I was sick all the time. Tired and unmotivated everyday. Not very friendly to my family  and friends. My relationships we headed for the dumps and I was extremely unhappy. Something had to give and I was ready to make a true change in my life. I knew it wasn’t going to happen by simply saying I want to change. I had to get honest with myself and the answer was clear. I had to change what was going on with my physical health to address my mental health.

I went to the doctor to get a reading on where I was health wise and lay out a game plan. I was completely shocked at the results I was given. Like I said my weight was crazy out of control. My triglycerides were off the charts and my A1C was 11.7! How could this have happened? I hit the skids and wanted to feel sorry for myself but this could not be an option. At all cost pull yourself up and do the right thing. I knew it had to be a slow change for it to be long lasting. A way of life change, no quick fixes. I started by going to the gym each morning. There were times that were harder than others and times I didn’t want to go. A few times when I didn’t want to go I forced myself to drive to the parking lot. I sat there for a few minutes and then left. I knew that if I allowed myself to not go to the gym I would quit so I at least went to the gym even though I did not go in. Slowly the chore of going to the gym turned into a pleasure and eventually a passion. I started to eat better and correct lazy habits that I had like watching television all day while laying on the couch. I became disciplined on going to bed at 9 pm so that I would get the right amount of sleep. Things began to turn in my favor. I felt better and the way I felt towards my loved ones began to change as well. I was more patient and smiled more. I wanted to get out of the house and do more with the kids. Needless to say I felt myself mentally getting stronger too. In April 2017 I returned to the doctor to have the same test run to see my progress. Every thing was in the normal range and my A1C had fallen to 5.3 which the doctor proudly declared me no longer a diabetic.

I told you that to tell you this. When you are physically healthy you are mentally healthy and better able to create lasting change not only in your life but others. My children look at me differently and I look at myself differently. Today I am down a considerable amount and staying on track with my goals. I won’t discuss weight because that not important but I will tell you this. I had to but a new belt and overall I am down 9 holes. I made a decision to change my lifestyle and my relationships. You can do the same if you just start. Change is a gradual process. Take small steps and stay diligent in your efforts. There will be days that you drive to the gym and sit in the parking lot and that is OK. The point is that you didn’t give up or say no. Healthy bodies make healthy minds and the end results are healthy relationships.

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