CONTROLLING THE SITUATION….. The power of saying I accept.

Working with at-risk teens over the years have taught me so many things but the most powerful is saying I accept. Part of the curriculum in the facility where I worked was to accept things that happened in your life wrong, right or indifferent. The principal behind this one that that is designed to slow the situation and allow a person to have a chance to make the best decision. There is a lot of power that comes along with the phrase “I accept”. Try it the next time you are in an argument with a parent or spouse. It will surprise you how quickly the argument stops and you begin to talk about the real issue.

Saying I accept is hard because in many eyes it is a admission of defeat. This is not the case however. By saying this simple phrase you are taking the power and energy of the argument and placing it on yourself. You just defused the situation and now are in the drivers seat. This is an awesome tool to use when any adverse situation arises in your life. Just saying I accept is not enough thought, you have to know and understand why you do it and what to do with it when you use it.

The core purpose of I accept is that we need to not make decisions of take action when we are emotionally charged. Saying I accept is essentially saying that you are willing to be wrong, right or indifferent right now in order to let some time pass and to gather more information about the situation. This is not an admission of guilt or fault. It is simply saying you are will to be the one that will control the situation and you accept that responsibility.

Once you have defused the situation it is now your responsibility to follow through and correct what went south. This can be immediate or it may take a little bit of time to gather the information necessary to drive the conversation in the right direction. The truth about is that there will always be time and the opportunity to right any wrongs or clear any miscommunication  that may have occurred.

Saying I accept is really hard but if you are able to do it you will see that you will become an better communicator, easy to work with and most of all a happier person. Being able to do this will build character and trust with those that you have relationships with. Take the challenge and be willing to be the one that accepts wrong, right or indifferent.


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