SPRING TIME… Time to clean out the closet!

With spring here it is time to clean out the house, find the summer clothes and plan a trip or two.We love cleaning in the spring because it gives us a sense of renewal and a breath of fresh air. The smell of the clean air provides a relaxing feeling that we use to put us in a good head space. We enjoy the walk at dusk in the coolness of the impending night. Spring brings about new life with the promise of good things to come. This is why spring cleaning is such a big deal.

So here is the hook, why don’t we clean out our closets and our lives during spring? if it provides such a great feeling when the environment around us is clean, does it not make sense that the environment on the inside will feel great if we clean it out? This means getting rid of all the garbage that is weighing you down and making life hard to live. We don’t need the anger of the boos or teacher making out minds dusty. The bills that we worry and obsess about don’t need to spot up the mirrors in our minds. Take the time to let the stress of the broken wash machine to leave the cluttered closet in your mid.

Clean out the things that cause us not to see or smell the beauty of spring. Just as a clean house, a clean heart, mind and soul will provide peace and comfort that allows us all to stop and smell the roses. Imagine for a moment that you have cleaned our your insides and you are you now have the ability to see the beauty that is around you. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Most importantly think about all the things you will now be able to see, hear and experience.

I took a few minutes to clean some of my garbage out and I instantly felt the difference. It was a simple change, nothing too earth shattering. I just decided to not let a comment from a total stranger send me into a rage. You don’t question my honesty or integrity unless you know me. This is what she did and my initial reaction was one that would turn this blog post into a rated R show. I decided to wait to respond and when I did it was a simple statement that made me feel vindicated as well as calm. Seek to clean out your insides and see what it does for you. Just a thought I had today when I woke up.


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