CASH ME OUTSIDE, HOW BOUT NOT! The effect that media plays in relationships.

We have all seen and heard the cash me outside girl making waves in the media as of late. What a silly thing to be hearing all around us. Where did it come from and why is it so damn popular now? There is really no substance to the statement and it offers nothing in the way of value. How can something so dumb be so popular?

This is that very thing I want to talk about today. The way media influences our children and the side effect it has on our relationships with them. I try to keep my points from being one sided but for this one it is all about the kids and the things they choose to follow. Granted adults had plenty to watch and follow when we were young but this girl has taken things to a different level. Her claim to fame is being an unruly thirteen year old who fights with her mom, drinks and steals cars among other things. She popped on the scene during a Dr. Phil episode that I actually was watching. The video that was show was obviously dysfunctional and showed a little girl out of control. The next day that saying was everywhere “cash me outside how bout that”.

Here is the scary part for me; She has become the example and even the hero to some young people. She is seen almost everyday on the internet having a great time hanging out with rappers, eating at expensive restaurants and riding in fancy cars. What teen would not like that. So if you subscribe to the Social Learning Theory you will know that our young people are learning that this is the way to get what you want. Long gone are the days of working for what you want. I have spoke on this many times but this is called the Burger King society. Simply put the young people of today want it their way and they want it now. This little girl (who I don’t even know her name) is the product of poor parenting and allowing a child to be raised up by society.

When we as parents allow outside forces to control our parenting we will lose the game. We can and will never shelter our children from outside influence but we sure can affect the way we raise our children. Sadly the t.v. and the internet has become the parent in many of the home today. By doing this we have seen a decline parental control and the decline of the family unit.

Being a parent means that you will be required to do the unpopular things in life like, giving responsibilities to your kids, holding them accountable for their actions and lastly being an active member of their lives. If you want to be a lazy parent you will cash them outside but say “cash me outside, how bout not!

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