TURN DOWN FOR WHAT? The art of putting up with other people’s crap….

This post will be an outlet for me for me to let go of some frustration from the weekend. I will still wrap it into the way we deal with parents and at risk teens. From time to time I will moonlight as a bouncer for a friend that owns an Irish Bar. Well Friday was St. Patrick’s Day and again I was asked to lend a hand. I was easy to get a commitment from because I always say yes. I don’t mind the long day or the extreme heat (95 degrees) but I hate being around drunk people at the end of the night.

When inhibitions are low you will see things that cause me to question humanity. It could be the guy who can barley stand and convinced he can beat you up, to the drunk guy that has your back if shit goes down. No matter how nice or intolerable they might be, I still have to deal with them and not lose my cool.

So the question was posed to me, how does this example help parents and teens? You have to remember that a relationship is a two way street that requires participation between two or more people. There will be times that one of the people in the relationship will act in a way that angers the other person, just like the drunk guys do when I bounce. It is at this time that one of the persons involved have to remain calm and act in a way that doesn’t damage the relationship permanently. You see, I have my safety to think about when I bounce so no matter how annoying those I am taking care of are, I have to be the one that keeps our relationship civil and productive. This is the same with the parent/ child relationship.

If both parties are out of control the communication break down and the relationship suffers. Knowing that you are the one who has to be in control and then responding accordingly will help to keep the relationship intact during rough times. This is the duty of parent and child alike. Mastering the art of dealing with people is on of the key factors in productive relationships.

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