TraumaBehaviors are learned by exterior stimuli that we are exposed to everyday. Trauma is one of those stimuli that we often overlook as a reason why someone may be displaying behaviors. There is no one immune from trauma and the effects it has on our life. As we look into why we do what we do and how to help those we care about, lets look at trauma as the catalyst to many behaviors. We will talk more in depth about trauma in the future but for now a few bits of information to get us thinking.

As a parent it is easy to ask what is wrong with my child. Why do the make such poor decisions? That is where most parents stop. They don’t look into the reason why. We raise our children right and teach them right for wrong but still they make bad choices. What is wrong with them? The answer often times is untreated trauma. Trauma that is left untreated stays trapped inside a person and can have many harmful effects. Untreated trauma effects all of us whether it is in the rise in crime. lost wages or damaged relationships. Here is the challenge that I want to issue. When looking at a child, friend or spouse that is displaying behaviors that are harmful ask this question. What happened to this person to cause this behavior, not what is wrong with this person. Changing this way of thinking opens your eyes to the world that other people live in.


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